Brittany Nichole is an exceptionally talented music artist known for her powerful vocals, captivating stage presence, and heartfelt songwriting. Brittany discovered her passion for music at a young age. She was drawn to the art of storytelling and found solace in expressing her deepest emotions through songwriting. Brittany is a prolific ASCAP singer/songwriter with the ability to write in a variety of styles, with her main focus having a pop-country/rock crossover sound.

"Brittany has a million dollar voice" - Sal Sirchia from HBO's hit TV show "Oz" & Mayor of rock-n-roll NYC

"We have been watching this young lady grow as an artist for the past year. She graced the Independent Tone Awards - Charleston, SC stage this past December. Where only the best of the best has a chance to perform. Please support her album and her career. As you can see she is working hard and doing a damn good job at it. Salute a star in the works.” - The Independent Tone Awards - Charleston, SC

• V2D Records recording artist from 2013-2017.
• Past contributing songwriter for both “The Grimps” animated Rock N Roll TV Series and Ghost Walk Studio, LLC, having an original song placed in the movie "Estella's Revenge".
• Interviewed by some of the biggest radio shows on the planet.
• Performed at The Independent Tone Awards Red Carpet Event 2015.
• 4 time awards winner at The Independent Tone Awards 2016 for Rock Artist of the Year, Rock Best Performance, Rock Original Song of the Year, and Alternative Rock Original Song of the Year.
• Featured in Metal Female Voices Community Magazine in the Ukraine and Rock At Night international magazine based out of the UK, featured in Scene Chicago Magazine, The Everyday Girl magazine April 1, 2016 issue(Nationally distributed), 211 Magazine May 5, 2016 issue(Nationally distributed), Punk Globe Magazine January 1, 2017 issue.
• An Advocate for Breast Cancer helping to raise money with the MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auction benefiting The Keep-A-Breast Foundation well known for their “I Love Boobies” slogan.

Brittany's musical journey began with her first onstage performance at the age of 5. She traveled and sang across the country with her family. Her father had performed at the Grand Ole Opry, played shows with Paul Anka, Bobby Goldborough, The Chessmen, and had been President of a record company in Nashville in the 80's. Brittany knew early on, this is what she wanted more than anything. She had a taste of the energy and excitement of performing and knew she would stop at nothing to make her dreams come true. With big shoes to fill, she made her first recording at age 9 and began writing her own music at the age of 13. Influenced by a wide range of genres including pop, rock, and country, she developed a unique sound that seamlessly blends different musical styles. Her voice possesses a raw and emotive quality that grabs the listener's attention and takes them on an emotional rollercoaster.

With a voice that can evoke both vulnerability and strength, Brittany's lyrics dive deep into the human experience. She fearlessly tackles themes of love, heartbreak, and personal growth, offering a relatable and cathartic experience for her audience. Her songs are often accompanied by lush melodies and dynamic orchestration, creating a rich and immersive sonic landscape.

Brittany's talent as a live performer is undeniable. Her energy on stage is infectious, and she effortlessly connects with her audience. Whether performing at intimate venues or commanding massive festival stages, Brittany leaves a lasting impression with her powerful stage presence and ability to create a genuine connection with her listeners. In 2019 she had the privilege to perform with Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, Joe Vitale (The Eagles) and Chris Wintrip ("My Town with 1970's Prog Band Brimstone" with LP "Paper Winged Dreams") at The Ohio Rock All Stars concert.

Over the years, Brittany has honed her craft and garnered a dedicated fan base who deeply resonate with her music. Her debut single "Wild Horse", released in August 2023, received critical acclaim for its authenticity and relatability. The EP "I Am Brittany Nichole" was released a month later and features bass player Justin Andres (The Animals), guitarist and co-songwriter Carmen Vandenberg (The Bones UK and Jeff Beck). The EP showcased Brittany's evolution as an artist, exploring different musical styles while staying true to her roots.

Throughout her career, Brittany has collaborated with acclaimed producers, like Terry King (Vision to Destiny Records - Charleston, SC), Drew Dempsey (Sunset Sound Recorders), and songwriters further sharpening her abilities and expanding her musical horizons. She was signed with the independent label, Vision to Destiny Records as a Rock artist, under the stage name Mikayla from 2013 until the company closed their doors in 2017.

In 2022 she worked with Drew Dempsey, recording her debut EP "I Am Brittany Nichole" at the famous Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA, to reintroduce herself to the world. "I wanted to get back to my roots...where I started in Pop/Country. I want to make music that will stand the test of time... music for the future... songs that when you hear it will take you back to that 'feel good' emotion you had when you first heard it... and you will want to listen to it over and over" says Brittany. Her commitment to growth and artistic exploration has allowed her to continuously evolve and push boundaries, ensuring her music remains fresh and captivating.

As her career flourishes, Brittany Nichole is poised to become a household name in the music industry. With her extraordinary talent, heartfelt lyrics, and undeniable charisma, she represents the next generation of music artists who are redefining the boundaries of modern country music. Her music resonates with audiences worldwide, and her journey is only beginning.